Post tour/Pre Single

Well first off- Big Shot is out!!!! Pick that puppy up at Grover or Jump Up Records!

So the tour was a well expected scorcher, with countless new adventures and friends made. There are so many things I wanna tell you guys but I'll try to make it short! We spent our day off in Venice, Italy which was magic.. We were stopped by the Polizei 4 times in an hour, no joke! We fell in love with the Valkyrians. We laughed a lot... it was downright great!

Now we're taking a few to recoup and planning some local shows.... but we are also excited for our new single with Monty Montgomery of Symarip, available May 12th! 

Till the next one!

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  • Nancy Barnabas
    Nancy Barnabas
    I'm glad you guys enjoyed Europe!

    I'm glad you guys enjoyed Europe!

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