Fall Euro Tour 2017 

It's been a while! So, we've been at it again... This time planning a return to the old world this autumn. We already have some great shows on the books, including the Dynamite ska fest in Leipzig, as well as hitting some new spots; like our France debut! And don't think we won't bring some new music with us, we've also been in the studio planning something great.

Stay tuned for more tour announcements!


The Calm before The Storm 

So tour is shaping up nicely.... we can hardly wait to get back to Europe! There are a lot of great ones on the books right now, but keep an eye on those dates as they're still growing.
We've also sent our new E.P. "Radication" of to be pressed! And check out the artwork on this gem... It contains 6 songs we are very pleased with, that will be on a limited 10".  
It will be available June via Grover Records and iTunes! Check out the preview HERE

Big tings a gwan in Europe Summer '16! 

Hey guys,
We're more than pleased to announce our new European tour taking place this summer! We've already got some killer dates booked; including the prestigious "This is Ska" Festival in Germany as well as finally breaking into the UK starting at Skagate.
We are also looking forward to backing our old pal Freddie Notes, so don't forget your dancing shoes.
We have weeks and weeks worth of shows we're going to announce as well as plans to bring new music. You didn't think we'd show up empty-handed, now did you?

Post tour/Pre Single 

Well first off- Big Shot is out!!!! Pick that puppy up at Grover or Jump Up Records!

So the tour was a well expected scorcher, with countless new adventures and friends made. There are so many things I wanna tell you guys but I'll try to make it short! We spent our day off in Venice, Italy which was magic.. We were stopped by the Polizei 4 times in an hour, no joke! We fell in love with the Valkyrians. We laughed a lot... it was downright great!

Now we're taking a few to recoup and planning some local shows.... but we are also excited for our new single with Monty Montgomery of Symarip, available May 12th! 

Till the next one!

New record "Big Shot" update! 

Well we've set the date folks; March 27th! Our new record "Big Shot" will be available through Grover records and soon after in North America through Jump Up Records. Oh, and did you see the fancy new artwork for it? Yeah we're pretty excited to finally let this bad bwoy loose! There may or may not be sneak peeks before then, but you didn't hear that from us!

Officially announcing our second Euro Tour! 

So one of the top secret things we've been doing since the last tour is preparing for our next tour! Europe really was amazing for us and since it's been one of our biggest goals to get back there; it feels great to finally tell you guys! Check the tour dates guys, much more to come.

Also, we kinda sorta let the cat out of the bag on our new video. I don't think any of us expected it to go this well and we're confident it's gonna set the bar pretty high! Can't wait to show you guys what we did. 

And finally.. a website! 

Well guys, it's been three years on this crazy reggae train and we finally got a website going! I'd like to thank everyone who tediously tracked down where to buy shirts and music, listen to our tunes, etc. It's all here now! I hope this place is easy to navigate, so please, click around and let me know what you think.

It's been a relatively quiet year of regional shows since all the tour chaos, but consider it the calm before the storm. We're doing top secret ska stuff that we're gonna shake the ground with soon, so stay tuned for some big announcements! I am pretty excited about the great things coming out of the studio... I think you will be too.